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Sub Club Directory

Competition and social focused sports & activities.

Hoppers Sub Clubs

Isn’t it about time you made Our Club Your Club?

The Sub Clubs at the Hoppers Crossing Club cover a vast array of different sports and activities.
Some of the group are competition focused, others are more social focused.

Every Sub Club is different, they all charge different joining fees, they get together at different times, they have different types of participants and most
have different goals.

If your looking for some information on making Our Club Your Club, contact a
sub club representative today for more information.

Hoppers Sub Club contacts:

⇒ Lawn Bowls – Leann Szuszkiewicz 0403497239 | email <click here>| Facebook<click here>

⇒ Darts – Peter Murray 0419 355 004

⇒ Golf – Rob McKenna 0419 655 596 | Facebook<click here>

⇒ Social Travel – Daryl Bishop 0409 056 977 | Facebook<click here>

⇒ Vietnam Veterans – Glen 0418 613 258

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